How and Why Nasal Breathing is so Important to Your Overall Health

How and Why Nasal Breathing is so Important to Your Overall Health

As an airway-centric dentist I speak with people a lot about the importance of proper habits as they relate to growth, facial structure, and their health.  One of the questions I’m asked all the time is why I place such importance on nasal breathing. Most of us have engaged in a combination of mouth and nasal breathing throughout life. And most of us have been under the assumption that it is fine to breathe through the mouth. Research on breathing has developed dramatically over the past 10 years. It is now known that is mouth breathing not ideal; it’s actually dangerous. So why is nasal breathing so critical to health? Here are three reasons why nasal breathing is so important:

  1. It cleans the air: when air is breathed in through the nose it passes through a maze of structures called turbinates, before passing through the respiratory path into the lungs. The mucosal lining and cilia within the nose clean the air of bacteria, virus, and particles. They then moisten and warm the air to prepare it to be transported to the lungs. In this way, the nose is like nature’s HEPA filter. 
  2. Nasal breathing releases Nitric Oxide: when air passes over an area within the nose called the paranasal sinuses, Nitric Oxide produces many benefits to your health that are too numerous to describe in the scope of this piece. But suffice it to say, Nitric Oxide is absolutely essential to the health and function of body. Low nitric oxide levels are linked to many diseases. In order to get nitric oxide levels optimized, you must be a nasal breather. It also helps you live longer. Without proper nasal breathing and the resulting release of Nitric Oxide you are more susceptible to Hypertension, heart disease, heart attack and stroke, as well as a host of other health issues. 
  3. Nasal breathing improves oral health: an open mouth is more prone to cavities; and a low- resting tongue posture/open lips can create narrow palates and less-optimal growth of teeth.  

Establishing a nasal breathing habit at any age is very beneficial.  At Spring Smiles we are passionate about changing this for children so that the benefits can be lifelong. Consistent use of Myobrace and the Myobrace Activities will establish a nasal breathing habit, elevated resting tongue posture, closed lips and corrected swallow - habits that will keep the cycle going for a lifetime of beautiful, healthy, nasal breathing. 

If you have any questions about nasal breathing, feel free to contact us at or call to book a Myobrace consultation. 

GT Duncan, DDS

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