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why myobrace?

With Myobrace, you can treat multiple underlying issues that cause poor oral development.

How it works

The first step of Myobrace treatment is to schedule an consultation with Kait, our Myobrace Educator. During this appointment, she will review the how our Myobrace Program works and what benefits it will have on your child's specific needs. There are 4 stages of our 15 month Myobrace program and we will ensure you are familiar with the process prior to getting started.

Your child will then come in monthly and meet with our Myobrace Educator, Kait, to learn exercises that align with the progress of your child.  They will be required to do daily, minimal exercises assigned by us that will have amazing results.

The fundamental goal of Myobrace treatment is not to straighten the teeth.  Rather, treatment aims to address the surrounding soft tissue by retraining bad oral habits, which are the major cause of underdeveloped jaws and crooked teeth. Braces at the end of treatment are sometimes used for a short period if perfect ‘picket fence’ alignment is desired.


For our younger patients, ages 2 - 5, we are excited to introduce our Myo Munchee. This is a pre-cursor to the Myobrace and helps with the transition. It is also great for tarter buildup, having difficulty brushing, drooling, medical conditions resulting in poor hygiene (kids and elderly),grinding, thumb sucking, programming oral habits and can also be used as a backslope for patients that can't quite get the first steps of the Myobrace.

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