The Three-Legged Stool: Diet, Exercise and...What?

I think of physical health as having three main components. If each part were the leg of a stool, and if each leg is strong, the stool can stay balanced and hold up to a lot. Those three legs are 1. Healthy diet 2. Exercise and 3. A great airway.

Many people are great at diet and exercise. Two of those legs of the stool are strong, but one is still weak. The stool still isn’t going to work.  It used to be thought that sleep disordered breathing was a problem of the overweight; that this was a problem you are born with and can do little about. This is not true! One of the largest segments of the population who have sleep disordered breathing are young, active (“healthy”) people. And it's not because they’re not doing enough in the gym or are on the wrong eating plan.

Many of these same people (who do so well in the first two categories), still struggle with other health issues: inflammation, high blood pressure, chronic fatigue syndrome, depression, anxiety-this list goes on. Or perhaps they are just sleepy during the day and wish they weren’t.

There are things you can do-simple things, that can begin to strengthen your airway and turn this around. When you do these, you’ll learn the right way to breathe.  During our waking hours you will feel more energy. This will improve your sleep; when you sleep, you will sleep more efficiently and wake up feeling rested. You’ll recover more quickly from workouts. Your immune system will be strengthened so you won’t get sick as often. You won’t struggle so much to stay fit.

You’ll be happier.

But if your airway is not optimized for its best performance, your health, your well-being, your lifespan is not going to be what it can be.  And as a dentist therefore I tell my patients that it doesn’t matter how many teeth I fix, how many times I straighten someone’s teeth and help them look beautiful.  Your airway is your foundation to all else; and if that’s not right, it’s still going to be difficult to make progress in the other areas.

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