Myobrace Expansion

Biobloc - Arch Expansion
Ages 4 - 7

The Biobloc, has 3 stages, the appliances are a useful, alternative, to arch development methods in our Myobrace program. The appliances are used sparingly as they cannot be combined with Myobrace appliances to improve function and, when used, it is mainly the Biobloc Stage 1. The BB1 is useful for severe arch restrictions. It is reserved mainly for use in the primary or early mixed dentition, as well as approximating the central incisors. The Biobloc is proficient in quick expansion of the arches in all three dimensions but is very technique sensitive and tends to worsen patients' function.

Whats Included

The Biobloc Stage 1 interferes with patient function; thus it is recommended that the patient remove their Biobloc and wear their Myobrace® for one hour while awake, then immediately placing the Biobloc back into their mouth. The patient is instructed to turn the expansion screw one quarter of a full turn, every 24 hours, until sufficient arch development is achieved. The patient is seen every two to four weeks and, in that time, the practitioner adjusts the appliance while ensuring the appliance is being turned correctly. The Biobloc should not be used for any more than four to six months.

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